Wiggy's liquor store

Austin, Texas

About Us

Wiggy’s is two full service liquor and wine shops in the Clarksville neighborhood on the west side of downtown Austin and we pride ourselves on our variety of products and our customer service. Our biggest location is the store at 6th and Blanco where we have a wide selection of spirits, liqueurs, and wines from around the world (including older vintages in a temperature controlled vault) as well as two walk in humidors. Our second store is located at 11th and Lamar and has a smaller, but still complete, selection. Come let our knowledgeable staff help you choose the perfect libation for your occasion.


Wiggy’s opened on December 31, 1973 in an old building on West 6th street in the Clarksville neighborhood on the West side of downtown. Originally operating in just the corner storefront, in what is now the liquor and beer side of the store, we only had a few shelves of wine.

In the late 80’s,the store’s second owner took over the storefront next door to more than double Wiggy’s size and to greatly expand the wine selection.

Around 2000, we acquired the liquor store on the other side of the neighborhood at 11th and Lamar in order to provide our services to a greater number of people.